Barn Brand Beards All Natural Beard Care Product Review

Being a guy that doesn’t necessarily have the fullest face mane, and someone who has just recently been able to pull off something that even resembles a full beard, I never gave much thought to ingredients in beard products. In fact, I mostly searched for something inexpensive that could successfully tame the wildest of stray hairs without smelling like a musty basement. Slowly but surely I started to venture out with the advice of some more tenured beard sensei and I realized a huge difference. I found that my beard not only felt softer, fuller, and smelled great – but it also seemed to grow faster! With this new knowledge in tow, I started experimenting with different brands and I came across some comments on Barn Brand Beards. Their lineup included scents such as cantaloupe, pineapple, smoke, and more in a mix of oils, balms, and butters (which you don’t see all that often). I decided to reach out, and that is when I started a conversation with Tex, the owner. In short order, Tex sent me out a care package with some oil, a balm, some anxiety rub, and a bar of soap. All were packaged with care in a nice box with a handwritten note welcoming me to the Barn Brand Beard family. And what a family it is! Check out my video below with my thoughts on the products I tried. Then make sure to check out Tex’s other products at