I Just Barely Missed My Chance to Buy A Lazareth Mazuma V12 Quad Bike!


What’s a Lazareth Mazuma? Well, it’s just a Quad outfitted with a 500 hp V12 BMW powerplant – that’s all! To simplify that up a little more, take a huge V12 engine, slap on 4 of the meatiest tires you can find, add some lighting (damn government regulations), then top it all off with a matte black finish. All for the low, low price of just under $300k.  It’s available in both the V12 and a V8, but I figure “go big, or go home”. Am I right?

When I say I barely missed it, I wasn’t kidding! I mean – I did at least have the Megaball number! If only I had the other 5 numbers I would’ve won that billion dollar jackpot and immediately have my order placed for the Lazareth. Would I REALLY buy one you ask??? Uh, hello….. you better believe it!