Handmade Knives

Handmade knife

Few things amaze me more than someone who is able to create with their own hands. It’s a skill that is running far too thin in today’s world. As our addiction to technology increases and our kids focus more on careers involving computers, the number of skilled tradespeople is disappearing faster than the gas in my Viper. That’s great news for the people that can create with their hands though. This just means that their skills will be in such high demand that they can name their own price.

All that being said, it might help to explain why I was so blown away when I say my buddies new knife. This thing was hand made from a raw piece of steel. The feel of this blade in your hand is just unbelievable. It’s honestly better than any store blade I’ve every held. And the edge is scalpel sharp. But don’t even get me started on the tip! It feels more like a broad head hunting arrow than the tip of a knife blade. I honestly don’t think you can get this level of sharpness and quality feel without hours of hand craftsmanship. An just to up the level of unbelievability here…..the guy that made this knife does it part time!!! I was blown away, I was sure that this was someone who spent countless hours day in and day out shaping, polishing, and sharpening these sick pieces of steel. You can check out his work on Instagram at @cuttingedgecutlery.

If you’ve read my latest post “The Bucket List” you may have noticed that one of my goals this year is to learn to make a knife from scratch. I’m absolutely positive that it won’t pale in comparison to the ones from @cuttingedgecutlery , but hey – everyone had to start somewhere!