The Car Matchmaker Himself – Spike Feresten Talks With Gears,Guns,And Grub

Spike Feresten and Porsche 356

Spike Feresten


Great news!!!! Those of you that loved the series Car Matchmaker, which previously ran on the Esquire Network, can now find it again over on NBC Sports Network! The series featured comedic writer and car aficionado Spike Feresten along with a guest who is in the market for a new (or used) vehicle.  Spike then introduces them to 3 completely different choices that they had likely never considered, test drive, and ultimately select a new ride, all with a sprinkling of comedic mastery mixed in.

Spike is a long time car lover that also happens to make his living as a comedy writer, writing for such names as Jerry Seinfeld and Dave Letterman. Over the years he has befriended many of these legends sharing stories and cars along the way. In fact, if you are a fan of podcasts, do yourself a favor and check out Spike’s Car Radio.  Spike hangs out on the porch at Malibu Kitchen along with guests such as Seinfeld and others, talking cars, comedy, and life.

Being a fanboy myself, I reached out to Spike and I’m happy to say that he was kind enough to agree to answer a few questions for my humble blog. So without further delay, I hope you enjoy. AND  don’t forget to click the links I’ve included to get to know more about Spike, CarMatchmaker, and Spike’s Car Radio. Enjoy……





Spike Feresten

  • Spike – being a fan of both your television show and your podcast, I’m familiar with your background and your work. For those readers that aren’t familiar tell. Us a little about yourself.

I think people know me Best for my work on Seinfeld. I get asked about the soup Nazi episode the most, so I’m guessing that’s what people know me for. But I’m also way into cars.

  • Have you always been into cars? I thought I remembered a conversation once where you mentioned that Letterman was the one that really got you into the hobby. Is that true?

Yes, I used to write for David Letterman. He was a terrific boss. He let me drive many cars from his collection, most of them Porsches. I credit him with introducing me to the brand. Dave was really the first person point out that this was the car for me. The Porsche 911.

  • Tell us about the TV show. I know that NBC Sports is currently running the episodes, correct?

Car matchmaker started off on the Esquire Network and has now moved to NBC sports HD. I’m excited for car show fans to get a look at the show. I love making them and I know the episodes Will help inform their car choices when it’s time for them to buy. You’ll also get to see celebrities like Keanu Reeves, Jerry Seinfeld, Patrick Dempsey and more helping regular folks with their car choices.

  • Was there one episode that stood out from the rest? What would you say was the coolest car selected by a guest on the show?

My favorite episode is any episode I get to drive a performance car I don’t own or can’t afford. So the Ferrari episodes and McLaren episodes tend to be my favorite.

  • Walk us through your podcast – when it plays and where readers can find it.

Spikes Car Radio can be found on Podcast and Apple Podcasts. It’s a downloadable cars and coffee featuring some of the top comedians and car people. We recently had Jay Leno, Richard Rawlings, Jeremy Piven and more. As always we leave one chair open for you the listener. I’m hoping the folks listening in will feel like they’re at the table with us talking cars and entertainment.

  • Tell us about your friendship with Jerry and your common bond with Porsche

Jerry and I have a shared love of all things Porsche. We’re a little obsessed. Which is why we hang out, because the rest of society just won’t engage on such an unhealthy car level.

  • Imagine yourself in a world without your “hanger” where you could only have 1 car. If price were no object, what would that car be and why?

1958 Porsche Speedster. The one car collection.

  • What’s your favorite place to hit up for an afternoon ride?

Encinal Canyon for driving then The Malibu Kitchen for coffee

  • Finally, tell us what’s next for you.

I started A production company and we’re developing a ton of car and comedy content. Stay tuned.

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